Since founding IT consulting firm ThoughtWorks in 1993, he has mostly passed on traditional marketing techniques preferring what he calls “guerilla reputational advertising” through word of mouth and references.

Being active in “hundreds” of open source projects alone has, he says, created a global awareness of the company. His philosophy seems to work, ThoughtWorks is a $100-million company with offices on four continents. And Singham is actually contemplating a bit of advertising: he’s thinking about buying some Google AdWords, reasoning that having reached a certain size, it’s time to transition into a more traditional model. A self-described child of the ‘60s, Singham’s passions are social justice and “green.” He makes hard choices when they conflict with social values, for example, avoiding defense work. Honest mistakes are considered learning experiences, but lapses in ethical judgment are not tolerated. “In the end,” he says, “A good worker is one who consistently follows a set of values.”

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