Google launching new tools for SMB marketing

An upcoming new search engine marketing tool from Google is a big step forward from Google Adwords and should be closely examined by companies looking to grow their businesses on the web.

Greenlight, a UK-based digital marketing agency, says Google’s Remarketing for Search, which is currently in beta, have a substantial impact on the way digital marketers traditionally use remarketing.

“Remarketing for Search is a powerful targeting option for marketers whose aim is to increase brand awareness, obtain new customers and tailor ads to existing customers within the search engine results pages,” said Ryan Haines, paid media executive at Greenlight, in a statement.

Google Remarketing for Search is currently in beta.

With Google AdWords, Greenlight said the system was based on the Google display network, letting marketers pick audiences based on behavioural web page browsing history. Ads would entice browsers back to a certain webpage. It says the new service allows advertisers to target users on the search network based on their keyword search history within search engine results pages.

“It facilitates a more personalized search experience, as it gives the opportunity to create and target ads based on a users’ level of interaction with the brand,” said Haines.

Other benefits Greenlight sees with the new service include the ability to monitor bids on expensive generic keywords, as ads will be targeted towards browsers that have already been to a certain site and therefore more likely to convert, as well as tailored ad copy and bidding strategies based on a customer’s browsing and conversion history and the option to save money by excluding existing or previous customers from brand awareness campaigns.

Greenlight does have some technical concerns though.

“Firstly, a concern for most would be the fact that they would essentially be bidding on similar, if not the same keyword for their text ad. As always quality score will determine which ad will be shown. As mentioned, the advantage of bidding higher if need be for an audience you know has already visited your site, has some form of brand awareness and is more likely to convert and should justify this. Also, once the specific Remarketing for Search campaigns have a history and gain traction, the quality score should improve thereby helping to reduce cost per click (CPC),” said Haines.

Source | Greenlight Digital

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