Next time you open your Gmail or Google Calendar on your iOS device, you may notice a few changes for the first time in four years.

This week Google Inc. launched new updates for both apps, aiming for a simplified look similar to accessing them on an Android device or desktop.

With the new updates, Gmail users can now undo send, just like on a desktop, allowing them to avoid sending embarrassing emails to their boss by accident. They can also search through emails faster with spelling suggestions so typos are automatically connected, and swipe on an email to archive or delete it.

“With the new app, getting things done on the go is a lot easier—whether you’re trying to find a message your colleague sent you last month, or trying to get through your work inbox on a Monday morning,” Google product manager Matthew Izatt said in a Nov. 7 blog post.

On the Google Calendar side of things, the new features were developed entirely based on user feedback. Month and week view have been added to landscape mode, and the company has also integrated spotlight search into Google Calendar, allowing users to access the dedicated Apple search engine to find events and reminders.

Additionally, users can now look up dates on non-Gregorian calendars, including the Lunar, Islamic, and Hindu calendars to start.

Just because these are the first major updates in nearly four years doesn’t mean that this is the end of Gmail and Google Calendar support on iOS devices, Izzat wrote. Google promises new updates in the future.

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