Google is cutting out the middle man when it comes to job hunting with its new jobs search engine.

With Google for Jobs, the Redwood, CA-based company is allowing job hunters to find new jobs on its search result pages from essentially every major online job board. This includes Linkedln, Monster, WayUp, DirectEmployers, CareerBuilder, Facebook, and so on. It will also include jobs found on company websites.

Essentially, Google is cutting out the need to search on multiple websites for jobs, when you can do it all right on Google’s search page.

The service is available today in English on desktop and mobile. You can use it by making various job-seeking queries such as searching for ‘jobs near me’, and ‘teaching jobs’. Immediately you will be able to see what position the job is, where it is located, how long ago the job posting was created, whether it is full-time, part-time, etc., and how far away from you it is.

And, you’ll be able to set Google e-mail notifications for when new jobs under your criteria are posted.

Working in conjunction with the likes of Glassdoor, prospective job hunters will also see reviews and ratings of company’s looking to hire new positions.

All of this is done through machine learning algorithms that organize and categorize the job postings. The algorithms also remove duplicate listings employers may make to get rid of redundancies. As these algorithms are driven by SEO, current job posters, and even some job boards, may want to take a look at getting their posts or sites more SEO compliant to make searching on Google easier.

However, Google isn’t trying to directly compete with these third-party job boards, as it is impossible to post a job directly to Google for Jobs. If you find a job you like, you’ll be directed onto the board that job was posted on to begin with. The company is only in the market to help its users search for jobs.

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