Google Canada has launched Market Finder, which the company is calling a one-stop-shop for Canadian small businesses seeking to go global. 

Market Finder is a free tool for Canadian small businesses to help them identify the best markets for their products or services. These businesses can then prepare customized global business plans using detailed market insights that Market Finder has to offer, such as the internet traffic times and disposable income of potential customers. 

Additionally, Market Finder provides guides and videos to help them prepare for new markets and navigate areas like localization, logistics, and international payments, Google Canada noted in a blog post.

Small businesses comprise approximately 98 per cent of all Canadian businesses and employ 90 per cent of the private sector workforce in the country. 

These small business owners are experts when it comes to local customers, but can be less knowledgeable about finding new markets further afield, whether it be understanding the culture and buying trends, export legalities, or payment options for their product in other countries, according to Google Canada.

Fewer than 10 per cent of small and medium-sized Canadian businesses export, yet those that do are more likely to survive and scale. By introducing Market Finder, Google Canada has become a partner in Export Development Canada’s efforts and initiatives to help Canadian innovators connect with and function in markets presenting the best opportunities for them. 

“We are so pleased to see partners like Google Canada work alongside us to help small businesses seize the opportunity to reach new customers globally,” said Carl Burlock, executive vice-president and chief business officer at Export Development Canada.


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