GoodReader update brings native Windows file sharing to iPad

The good folks behind the GoodReader app have made it easier to share documents between that iOS app and Windows PCs and laptops.

GoodReader is an iOS document-reader app that helps view, navigate andannotate large PDF documents on iPhones and iPads. The new version,GoodReader 3.18.1, has Server Message Block (SMB) protocol whichenables direct connections to shared Windows folders, as reported inour source story from Softpedia.

Screenshot of the GoodReader appin action from the iTunes App Store.

According to a news release from Good.iWare, the company that makesGoodReader, the app’s users have always been able to exchange filesbetween their iOS devices and PCs using protocols like FPT, SFTP andAFP but SMB makes it easier because “it is the native protocol forWindows.”

In addition, the new version of GoodReader also has an auto-discoveryfeature that automatically finds SMB servers on a local WiFi network.

The new iPhone 5 is also now supported on GoodReader, the company said.Existing users can download GoodReader for free but it costs $4.99 fornew users.

Source | Softpedia

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