Going hands-on with BlackBerry Q10 (the one with a keyboard)

The company soon to be formerly known as Research in Motion (it’s changing its name to BlackBerry) put the focus on the BlackBerry Z10 at its global launch event this week, but it also reassured BlackBerry diehards that a handset running the new BlackBerry 10 OS and featuring its ubiquitous qwerty keyboard is on the way – the Q10.

It didn’t get the attention than its more iPhone-like cousin got at the launch, and it won’t be available until the spring, but for BlackBerry fanatics the Q10 is the one to watch. There were a few demo models floating around at the launch, and ZDnet managed to get its hands on one for a few minutes.

The BlackBerry Q10.

Here are some of their observations:

* Unlike the Bold 9900, RIM’s first qwerty BlackBerry with a touch screen, the Q10 has no trackpad, allowing for a 3.1” touchscreen
* It feels a little thicker and heavier than the Q10
* The back is a glass-weave which promises to be thinner, lighter and stronger than regular plastic
* In addition to the regular camera, there’s a forward-facing camera for video calling.

More observations and photos at the link below.

Source | ZDNet

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