Fujitsu LifeBook T2010

I have owned a number of Fujitsu PCs over the years, and I’ve always found them to be reliable and a good value.

The T2010 is no exception — it’s sleek, functional, and easy to use.

The pen need not touch the screen to be used as a mouse, and, while tablet functionality isn’t a requirement for everyone, it’s nice to be able to sketch a drawing without having to scan it later.

A track stick is provided if you don’t want to use the pen, and the T2010 has all of the ports and connectors you’d want, including SD/Memory Stick and Smart Card slots, although we might quibble that it lacks an ExpressCard slot and WLAN is an option (though our review unit came with an 801.11a/g/n adapter, and the 802.11n was a big plus).

Overall, though, while nothing really stands out here, the T2010 is worth a look if you’re in the market for a Vista-based tablet PC.

Price: $1,909 to $2,309


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