Free e-book delivers cloud advice to SMBs

As Microsoft might say: “to the cloud!”

A new ebook Cloud-Powered: Small Business Innovation has been released for free by the Cloud Best Practices Network. The book features a number of CEOs of firms that specialize in offering software over the Web, and others. Contributions include authors such as Brandon Kolybaba, the CEO of Sheepdog Inc., Thabang Mashologu, a senior product manager at Allstream, and Jennifer Marsh, a software developer at Rackspace.

Kolybaba’s entry covers Google’s extensive cloud suite. He makes the argument that a dedicated IT director would be excessive for a small business with less than 50 full-time employees, because cloud technology removes the workload by shifting it to the supplier side. With Google Apps, employees can easily handle the management of software. He goes on to provide advice on how to backup e-mail accounts, store documents, set up automated backup to the cloud, and accessing files via smartphone.

One article in a new e-book conducts a total cost analysis of using the cloud.

Other topics covered in the e-book include a cost analysis of outsourcing to a cloud provider, a look at the risks and thrills of startup bootstrapping, and recommendations for the best cloud apps for businesses.

The network Web site also provides a director of cloud services and industry experts that specialize in small business solutions. But that section is currently being assembled, and currently a bit sparse.

Source | Cloud Computing Best Practices

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