For today’s edition of our #FollowFriday post, we’ve rounded up a list of three people we interviewed this week, in the course of writing our stories. Whether they tweet on good social media practices, healthcare and social gaming, or business and leadership, these three individuals are worth a click on the “follow” button.

(And in case you’re not on Twitter, #FollowFriday, or #FF, is a Friday standby where Twitter users recommend a list of accounts to others. For example, you might tweet, “#FF @itworldca @itbusinessca @compdealernews” to encourage your followers to follow these accounts, especially if you see value in their tweets).


This week, IT World writer Nestor Arellano was in Orlando, Fl. for IBM Corp.’s Connect 2014 conference to hear how businesses can leverage social media, mobility, and the cloud to impact their bottom line. He had the chance to sit in on a presentation from Pam Moore, CEO of The Marketing Nutz, a company providing social media consulting to other businesses.

Moore is an active tweeter, and she’s quick to not only share content but to also respond to others’ tweets, making her Twitter experience a very real and organic one. She also regularly tweets tips on how to handle social media, social-related headlines, and pointers for anyone looking to boost their social capital.

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As one of the presenters at this week’s Mobile Healthcare Summit, one of the most intriguing presentations had to be from Michael Fergusson, CEO of Ayogo Health Inc. His company builds social games for both children and adults with medical conditions like Type 1 diabetes, combining its team’s experience in game development with expertise from healthcare providers to create engaging games. In turn, playing these games encourages patients to do things like adhere to their medication or log their daily exercise.

Winning Ernst & Young’s “social entrepreneur of the year” title in 2012 for the Pacific region for its Entrepreneur of the Year awards, Fergusson regularly tweets on gamification and healthcare.

Head on over here to read our story on Fergusson’s talk at the Mobile Healthcare Summit this week.


As one of the founders of Navantis Inc., Jason Martin already has a following in the Toronto tech space. Now, he’s taken over as president and CEO of another company, Iotum, which focuses on providing audio and videoconferencing services including and Calliflower.

Martin tweets on behind-the-scenes news about his company, mixing that with an oft-humourous dose of his own observations about living in Toronto. Or, he’ll tweet gems like these:

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