Every Follow Friday, we round up a list of people with active Twitter accounts, ones that we feel are worth a click on the ‘follow’ button.


David Fraser, author of the Canadian Privacy Law blog.

As a frequent commentator on privacy issues in Canada, on his blog, Fraser provides his take on what’s going on in the fine print of legislation tabled in Parliament. And in his Twitter feed, he regularly shares stories and headlines about privacy infringements, surveillance, and how both companies and governments are handling individuals’ data.


Wondereur, a startup marrying art and e-commerce

We first covered Wondereur when the Toronto-based startup began working with IdeaBoost, an accelerator focused on disruptive digital media, back in May 2013. The company has since expanded its website and is doing a beautiful job of telling the stories of artists and creative professionals, as well as displaying their work. Users also have the option of buying some of the artwork displayed directly from the site.

Wondereur tweets about art in Toronto, as well as about some of the advances it’s made as a startup in e-commerce. Plus, the company has just scored two nominations for the Webby awards, so don’t forget to check out our quick story on that here.


Ray Pun, strategic marketing director for mobile solutions at Adobe.

As a marketer using Apple’s iBeacon technology, Pun is heading up Adobe’s efforts to use geolocation marketing to reach consumers. Follow him for insights on all things marketing, but especially location-based targeting – something that we think is only going to become more important in the marketing world in the next few years. Check out our story on Pun’s post here.

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