flyshark-size-iphoneAnother Kickstarter success story, the Flyshark II is the new and improved version of the original portable keyboard. The updated version features Bluetooth 4.2, longer battery life and a more durable design.

The Flyshark team recognized a lack of truly portable keyboards available on the market, and designed the original Flyshark to address this. The folding design of the Flyshark II makes it barely larger than an iPhone, and significantly more compact than most other portable keyboards.

“We designed this for those who [type] a lot on the road and [want] a good keyboard without the heft,” explained Flyshark CEO Richard Wu. “Road warriors like bloggers, business travellers and anyone who types a lot [on the go].”

Kickstarter has been instrumental in launching many new technology products, including everything from smartwatches to 3D printers. Wu explains that user feedback from the initial Flyshark Kickstarter campaign has helped shape and develop the updated keyboard.

The Flyshark II also includes added key shortcuts, universal Bluetooth compatibility and the ability to open to 180 degrees. With less than a week left, you can find the Flyshark II Kickstarter campaign here.

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