First look at HTC’s new Windows 8 phone, the 8X

HTC’s new 8X Windows 8 phone is all about the sound and the pictures.

The “standout feature” of the phone unveiled Wednesday is itsfront-facing camera which features “the highest megapixel count of anyWindows Phone” at 2.1 megapixels, according to our source story from PCWorld.

The HTC 8X also boasts exclusive Beats Audio (with built-in amplifiers)thanks to HTC’s partial ownership stake in Beats Electronics, theheadphone and audio electronics maker co-founded by legendary rapartist Dr. Dre.

8X, the new Windows 8 phone fromHTC. (Photo:

The handset also comes in a riot of bright colours if you’re soinclined sartorially: red, blue and yellow in addition to the customarygrey and black.

Other than that, though,PC World feels the HTC 8X “doesn’t differradically from the rest of the Windows Phone 8 family,” since many ofits features like NFC, lighter weight and LTE are becoming widespread.

Though it’s “a great addition to the Windows Phone 8 landscape, itseems unlikely to win over Apple (iPhone) fans,” PC Worldsummarizes.

Source | PCWorld

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