The first campaign on the city of Waterloo’s local crowdfunding platform is now under way.

On July 1, the city of Waterloo, Ont. launched its own crowdfunding platform for citizens interested in funding local causes, the first of its kind in Canada. The platform is now hosting its first campaign, created by Autism Dog Services, a charity that trains and provides support dogs to children with autism.

On its campaign page, the charity says it costs about $18,000 to purchase, train, and place each dog, which helps its child with daily activities and provides companionship. At the time of this writing, Autism Dog Services has raised about $20 from one backer, with 88 days remaining in its campaign. It aims to raise about $5,000 for its current litter of puppies, raising funds to care for its breeding stock, to pay for the pups’ diets, and to cover the costs of medical equipment and care.

To support the campaign, backers can visit its page on the iFundWaterloo site.

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