Dear Editor

I think you hit the nail squarely on the head in your article “Behind the Week’s Headlines: VARs play waiting game” when you talked about product availability being one of the often forgotten fundamentals in the reselling business. In the computer business, the window

of opportunity is very short. And when that window closes, it often doesn’t reopen again.

It never ceases to amaze me that despite ongoing availability issues, some resellers persist in taking what they perceive is the “easy route” and selling big-name, well-known international notebook brands that in actual fact are always in allocation and are never easy to make decent margins on.

Is this really the “easy route”? There is an alternative. Companies such as TTX Canada are offering resellers well-built, well-supported, well-priced high quality notebook computers that are in excellent supply. In the specific case of TTX notebooks, we are even offering custom configuration so that every customer can choose whichever exact features fit their needs and budget. TTX builds, configures, supports and services these notebooks right here in Canada and provides tools to allow the reseller to focus on “selling” and satisfying the customer rather than on worrying about when the product will be available and whether they will cancel the order. And we ship these systems within two to four days (yes, less than one week) from the time we receive the order.

So the next time a reseller is told that one of the international notebook brands is out of stock until next month (or even next year?), hopefully they will remember that there is an alternative.

Best Regards,

Gil Broude

General Manager

TTX Canada Inc.

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