With its interactive Audience Interest Map, Canadian online marketing company Eyereturn has mapped the interests of Canadians across cities and provinces based on data from its digital advertising platform that tracks online behaviour across billions of webpages.

The Audience Interest Map shows Canadians’ likes and dislikes on a variety of topics.

Based on Eyereturn’s findings, Montrealers are most interested in movies, Edmontonians are more interested in motorcycles, and Torontonians are most interested in baseball. But Calgary seems to be currently the most interested in hockey – being 19 per cent more interested than the national average in a hockey-obsessed nation.


Eyereturn Marketing provides a “buy-side” platform and allows advertisers to direct online ads to a target consumer. Its audience interest data ensures better-targeted campaigns.

Being able to track local interest is very important according to Eyereturn CTO and co-CEO Tim Stoute. He notes that most ad technology is built in the U.S. does not necessarily reflect the reality in Canada, and that Eyereturn makes it a point to use Canadian data.

“We’re experts at helping advertisers reach specific audiences to increase the ROI of digital campaigns by combining our first party data and running it through our technology platform,” he said in a statement.

Particularly interesting is the company’s “Geo-Fence Targeting” which only serves ads to users in a specific area. Not only does this mean advertisers only pay for ads that might be relevant for local businesses, but ads could be served to locations where there’s generally more interest. Basically, your ad for hockey memorabilia might work better in Calgary than in Regina, so the ads flow to where interest is highest.

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