Ericsson has announced a new multi-year partnership with Carleton University to further advance the school’s programs for engineers and computer scientists and generate research in the field of 5G technology.

“This collaboration will drive innovation, train skilled workers and, over the long term, build more reliable, secure technology for the future of 5G wireless communications,” said Marcos Cavaletti, the head of Ottawa site for Ericsson, in a press release. “Advancements in 5G will have an incredible impact on communication, the economy and societies around the world, and Ericsson and Carleton are ready to meet these challenges together.”

Titled the Ericsson-Carleton University Partnership for Research and Leadership in Wireless Networks, it will fund research projects, graduate student internships, an Ericsson fellowship program, experiential learning opportunities for Computer Science and Engineering students, and even a new centre of excellence and associated laboratories for 5G wireless networks research in Carleton’s new building.

“We are thrilled to partner with Ericsson to develop transformative 5G technology and to prepare the next generation of leaders in wireless communications,” said Benoit-Antoine Bacon, the president and vice-chancellor of Carleton, in the press release. “We are always seeking partnerships that are relational and wholistic rather than transactional, and the Ericsson team has been absolutely forward-thinking and visionary in their approach.”

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