Epson joins the smartwatch market with new line of devices

Another company is jumping into the already-crowded smartwatch market.

Epson, more well known for its printers, has announced a new line of five smartwatches that feature precision GPS technology as well as activity tracking capabilities, heart rate sensors, music controls, and mobile phone notifications.

The ProSense line also boasts one of the best battery lives compared to other smartwatches out there, and all the data generated by the devices is visible on the all-new Epson View website. The wearables come with RouteSense, a stride sensor, and CardioSense technology, which measures heart rate every second using noise-canceling sensors.

“Our core strength globally is in developing miniaturized, power-efficient and highly accurate components,” Randy Bergstedt, the group product manager at Epson America, says in a November release. “So this tiny bundle of proprietary chipsets, patented optical heart rate technology and relentless innovation gives runners and athletes a device on their wrist that will be a true workout partner, delivering accuracy to their intuition and hard-working data to validate their effort.”

More product details can be found below:

ProSense 17

*No heart rate sensor

ProSense 57

ProSense 307

ProSense 347

ProSense 367