Two huge requirements for senior executives and CIOS in business today are connecting with your partners and managing all the content in your organization. Easier said than done, both tasks involve a great deal of complexity and systems that are used by large numbers of


One of our features focusses on the continuing use of electronic data interchange (EDI) in the supply chain despite the advent of the Internet. What also are some of the other ways organizations can connect with their suppliers or customers, and are better standards available. We will be looking especially at how manufacturing firms are coping with these issues. A second feature looks at the growing area of content management. Organizations are overwhelmed by the types of information they must deal with, especially in the form of documents. At the same time, they must demonstrate compliance with new government regulations, security commission rulings and legal proceedings, and whether they can do so efficiently may depend on having a content management strategy in place. We will be looking mostly at the pharmaceutical industry as an example.

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Communications & Networking

If you’ve ever wondered what a network administrator should keep in mind when running 10 Gigabit Ethernet over copper, be sure to check the feature on cabling in the July issue, which includes information on the IEEE 10G-BaseT standard, designed to provide 10-Gig speeds over Category 6 Augmented cable. The July issue will also include tips for IT staff who are concerned about spyware, and a Viewpoint from Ron Scott on the differences between voice and data, what exactly we mean by the term ³data² and why this is important.

C&N will publish features on Wi-Fi in the August issue and networked storage in the September issue.

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Computer Dealer News (CDN) 

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Technology in Government

September’s Deconstruction Zone in TIG looks at bad public sector IT projects that go good — how projects that have seemingly veered off the rails get back on track, and why bad press is sometimes unwarranted.

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