Computing Canada

In the Nov. 28 issue, Computing Canada will publish Part Two of its three-part series, Executive Relations, wherein we examine the relationships between IT leaders and their counterparts in the corporate boardroom. We want to speak to companies who will talk about their

frustrations in getting IT on the corporate agenda.

In the Dec. 12 issue, Computing Canada will profile the IT Executive of the Year. To nominate an IT leader who has demonstrated creative problem-solving, vision and an ability to motivate his/her team, click here.

The Dec. 12 issue will also contain the final installment of the Executive Relations three-part series.

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Communications and Networking

The increased use of Internet Protocol networks is boosting the unified messaging market in two ways. To find out more, check out the December issue of Communications & Networking, Canada’s magazine for voice and data networking.

The December issue includes a feature on unified messaging (combining e-mail, voicemail and, in some cases, fax, into one interface), a case study on fixed wireless networks, and the latest news in the IT networking and telecom markets.

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Technology In Government

The December issue of TIG will feature university IT research: Who’s doing what with whom? Why does it matter? Also appearing is a Snapshot on wearable/portable computing, a Question Period with a GTEC Distinction Award winner who “bares all” plus a look back at the top TIG news stories of 2003.

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In its December/January issue, EDGE takes a special look at the world of gadget computing. We examine all kind of devices from smart cell phones that you can use to send digital pictures to personal digital assistants, wireless communicators, projectors, notebooks, tablet PCs, GPS units and two-way radio watches.

As well as looking at some of these special products, we’ve asked our regular contributors Gerry Blackwell and Erik Heinrich to put these products through their paces. Join them as they travel, by rail and by plane, plugging their devices into WiFi hot spots and communicating back to us with their stories.

We’re sure you’ll enjoy this informative, and fun, look at computing for the executive.

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Computer Dealer News

Join us again this year as CDN editorial staff prepares its Top 25 Newsmakers of 2003. This year’s list, which will appear in the Dec. 5 issue of CDN, features the personalities who have had the greatest impact on the channel in Canada as the result of business deals, introducing new technologies or launching an innovative reseller program.

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