Eagle Eye Networks Inc., a digital video surveillance management solutions provider, has launched a new tool for businesses looking to add video to their other applications.

Based in Austin, Tex., Eagle Eye Networks’ new application programming interface (API) will make it simpler for developers to build and integrate their apps with video storage and analytics. Leveraging the RESTful API, it allows businesses to capture, store, and index their videos. It also makes use of Eagle Eye Networks’ Big Data Video Framework, giving developers the chance to integrate alerts and user interfaces.

Using the API, they will also be able to search, edit, tag, play, share, and stream video inside their apps by adding code. That can help with businesses seeking to record incidents to improve customer service, to train their employees, to embed videos inside mobile or web apps, and to store videos for the long term. And of course, businesses can also use the API for security and surveillance, monitoring a store, a cash register, or a building with digital video cameras.

While it sounds relatively simple, combing through video has been deemed a difficult task in the past, as videos heavy on data have been hard to stream and to search. There’s also been the issue of equipment. Typically, businesses need to buy servers, storage, and software, as well as hire or assign staff to keep the equipment up and running.

“Streaming video from cameras is an under-utilized resource,” said Dean Drako, the president and CEO of Eagle Eye Networks, in a statement.

“The Eagle Eye Video API dramatically changes this, allowing developers to fully harness video content in their applications without having to worry about a complex infrastructure, in the same way that Twilio allows them to easily incorporate voice, VoIP and SMS.”

Pricing for Eagle Eye Networks’ video surveillance service is set at around $5 per camera per month. There are no additional fees to use its new API.

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