Dell has announced enhancements to its Hosted Email Security service to allow businesses to continue to rely on this essential communications channel while ensuring confidential business information is secure from outside threats.

The improvements to Dell’s Hosted Email Security service, which offers cloud-based protection from inbound and outbound threats, include advanced compliance violation and threat protection and mobile-ready secure email exchange.

While email has become a critical tool for business communication it can also be the weak point in the corporate security strategy, with users exposing corporate data via phishing attacks and virus delivered through email, and spam flooding user inboxes drowning out the important messages. Government regulations are also placing new compliance requirements on many businesses. Email spoofing, where spammers falsify email sender addresses to fool recipients and damage legitimate brands is also a growing threat.

“Year over year, we’ve seen the rise of business and government regulatory requirements for email encryption. Customers need to ensure email compliance and must protect confidential information,” said Patrick Sweeny, executive director of Dell Network Security, in a statement. “Our new Dell SonicWall Encryption Service for Hosted Email Security provides an easy-to-use, affordable option to meet compliance requirements that easily integrates with existing email infrastructure, and minimizes upfront deployment time and costs, as well as ongoing administration expenses.”

New additions to the Dell hosted service, which can be purchased through monthly or annual subscription, include:

  • Advanced compliance scanning, management and email encryption.
  • Policy configuration at the department or enterprise level to scan both outbound email and attachments for sensitive data, route it for approval and/or encrypt it if required by policy, and track receipt and open.
  • Allow encrypted and secured email to only be read through a secure portal, with no client software required.
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