Deadline looming for PwC tech awards

Time is running out to throw your firm’s hat into the ring for the 2012 Vision to Reality Awards.

PricewaterhouseCoopers Canada is accepting nominations for the awardsuntil July 13.

The program honours Canadian technology firms “that have demonstratedgrowth, and whose outstanding achievements have made them some ofCanada’s most successful companies…(they have) made a difference inCanada by having the courage to expose their visions and then turn theminto the reality of revenues, profit and benefits to the industry,” PwCsays in its call for nominations.

Three categories are up for grabs: innovator of the year, top 10up-and-coming technology companies, and exit of the year. The latteraward is automatically given to the Canadian tech firm with the largestexit in 2011 based on publicly available data.

Last year’s big winners were EcoSynthetix of Burlington, Ont. forinnovator of the year and Ottawa-based Protus for exit of the year.

Both private and public companies are eligible. They must beCanadian-controlled or headquartered in Canada with the management andR&D activities located here in Canada. The firm must be fromwithin one of these technology niches:  cleantech, emergingtechnologies, hardware/semiconductor, software, or telecom/wireless.

You can nominate more than one company. Official nominations can besubmitted via the form on this page.

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