‘Day Job’ documentary follows life at five Canadian startups

A new documentary following the trials and tribulations of five companies on the Toronto startup scene is in the works.

The film, called Day Job,is being put together by Fidelity Format andExtreme Startups, the latter firm being the accelerator that’s workingwith the five companies and providing them some financing andmentoring.

Not much is being revealed about the project at this point. But theproducers have released a trailer to give just a taste of what thefinal movie will be all about, namely a look at the sweat andsacrifices made by a handful of Canadian startups hoping to make itbig.

Extreme Startups plans to release another trailer and launch acrowdfunding campaign to help finance the film, as pointed out in oursource article from the TorontoStandard. According to a graphicat the end of the trailer, the film is targeted for a December release.

What’s our take on the trailer? It’s only a 2:40 teaser, of course. Butinitial impressions: the cool, dark visual tone is intriguing, althoughall those nighttime skylines are reminiscent of a George Michael videoat times. The first-person confessional format does build somesuspense. Did we spot a guy with kids in there? Props for including theviews of a startup dude who’s not a 23-year-old single guy (not thatthere’s anything wrong with that – but diversity would be nice, isall).

Bottom line: the trailer looks cool enough to rope us in for morelater.

Source | TorontoStandard

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