D-Wave’s $30-million financing deal has connections to Bezos, CIA

Vancouver startup D-Wave Systems Inc. has raised $30 million in financing from a group of investors that has links to Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

The company develops applications for quantum computing, which could prove to be much faster than traditional computing,according to our source story from Reuters.  D-Wave securedthe financing from Bezos Expeditions – the firm that oversees the investment activities of Amazon founder JeffBezos – and In-Q-Tel, the investment wing ofthe CIA.

The D-Wave One quantum computingunit. (Photo: D-Wave).

Researchers at the University of Southern California are testing thespeed and efficiency of D-Wave’s quantum computer.

In 2011 D-Wave sold one of its superconducting quantum computers toLockheed Martin for $10 million.

Source | Reuters

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