Update: Our first finalist has been selected! AGSI is a Hornby, Ont.-based IT services, Web services, and hosting provider that is our first of three candidates to receive an Extreme SMB Networking Makeover. Read our story with AGSI to learn more about its plans for a serious network upgrade.

Update (Nov. 6): We’ve now named our second finalist! Kalaway Bay Resort Ltd., based in Oyama, B.C., is also in the running to receive an Extreme SMB Networking Makeover. Check out our story here to find out what the resort would do with a boost to its network.

ITBusiness.ca is hosting a great contest offered by D-Link from now until the end of 2013 and your small business could win a $10,000 Extreme SMB Networking Makeover from D-Link, plus be featured as a finalist in ITBusiness.ca.

Whether your business is plagued by packet loss, or your wireless LAN is constantly dropping connections, or you’re looking to improve your physical security with an IP surveillance system, we want to hear about it. All it takes is 100 words or less for you to pull on our heart strings about your network woes, and tell us about how your business would perform even better with the right networking hardware from D-Link. The grand prize winner gets to choose $10,000 worth of networking gear to overhaul their office setup.

Dates finalists will be selected

Each finalist will receive a feature article about their company and its vision for networking utopia published on ITBusiness.ca. The earlier you submit your entry, the more chance you have to be named a finalist, and the more chance you have to win.

  • October finalist selected Oct 8th – AGSI
  • November finalist selected Nov 5th
  • December finalist selected Dec 3rd
  • December winner selected Dec 19th

In addition to featuring the finalists for this competition, we’ll be publishing articles that guide small businesses through setting up and maintaining business networks. We’ll be listening to your submissions and will try to address any common networking problems or themes that appear there. We’ll share interesting anecdotes submitted to us and open up the discussion to include our Community Bloggers and wider audience too.

You can enter the contest by clicking through to this registration page.

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