Cyborg future? IBM predicts computers with human senses

By Jeff Jedras

The brains at IBM Corp. (NYSE: IBM) have released a series of five predictions, all focused on what computers will be in five years. And not only will computers not be dead, they’ll be even more lifelike than ever.

In fact, IBM’s predictions all revolve around human senses: according to their soothsayers, in five years computers will make advances in touch, sight, hearing, taste, and smell. It’s all part of what’s called cognitive computing – computers that can think, react and behave like a human. Computers that understand their environment, and can react to improve it.

In this video, IBM introduces cognitive computing:

Prediction #1: In five years, computers will have a sense of smell to sniff out disease.

Prediction #2: In five years, you will be able to touch through your phone.

Prediction #3: In five years, a computer system will know what I like to eat better than I do.

Prediction #4: In five years, computers will not only be able to look at images, but understand them.

Prediction #5: Five years from now computers, will hear what matters.

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