In an age of regulatory compliance, it’s a sad fact of doing business that you may be required to save and store all of your e-mails, even if it numbers in the millions.

Worse yet, if you are being investigated and you can’t retrieve information in a timely fashion, you could be facing fines in the millions of dollars.

All of which makes it easy to cost-justify an investment into software which Kieron Dowling, CEO of Jatheon Technologies says some customers describe as “a get out of jail free card.”

Called Plug’n’Comply, the software enables businesses to keep track and store all information, whether it’s in a document, an e-mail or an instant message. All of the above, by the way, can be admissible as evidence.

“More than just be able to search it, you have to keep it in a secure place and prove it hasn’t been tampered with,” says Dowling.

Users can search against the message, header, body or an attachment, where Dowling says most companies keep their intellectual property.

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