promises to help employers identify best job candidates

A new startup is launching in Canada today and it’s declaring war – on resumes, that is. is promising to help employers slice through resume embellishers and interview actors and see the job candidates that are truly productive. The Web-based psychometric pre-employment assessment is a tool to be deployed at the initial hiring phase, to screen applicants to discover the cream of the crop. Once that’s done, the employer can move on to looking at the skill sets of shortlisted candidates.

Job applicants just fill out an online form and then complete either a 20-minute or 45-minutes assessment. The tests involve creating priority lists and answer compromise scenarios. A real-time dashboard is populated by the answers, which allow the employers to filter on qualities like “extraversion” and “agreeableness.”

Self-described as “the most accurate personality model commercially available,” is co-headquartered in San Francisco and Toronto. The main problem it’s looking to solve is sorting through a stack of resumes because “scientific studies have determined that education, experience and references are not indicators of job performance.”

Co-founder and CEO Caitlin MacGregor was previously the president at goQ software, responsible for the U.S. expansion of the Canadian writing software. She was also the director of operations at As Me to We Style, a social enterprise that sold organic, locally-made clothing to fund Free the Children.

Toronto-based online photo portfolio startup 500px has been an early user of the service’s beta. Chief of operations Evegeny Tchebotarev says “the biggest asset is that gives a quick way to evaluate people prior to interviewing them” in a press release.

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