Viewers who watched Minority Report’s facial-scanning technology or George Jetson’s nutritionally-measured dinner with envy can take heart – Telus Corp. is touring western Canada with the so-called Future Home, a showcase for the company’s new fibre-optic broadband network.

Housed in two large shipping containers, the 560-square-foot concept “smart home” started its journey in September, appearing in Edmonton, Calgary, and several towns in between before arriving in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, where it can currently be seen until Dec. 13.

Taking full advantage of the network’s speed of up to 150 megabits per second, the Future Home features such innovations as…

A facial-recognition entry system that allows owners to secure and unlock their homes without having to keep track of keys.

An intelligent kitchen with a nutrition-scanning countertop that will guide aspiring chefs through their latest recipe with a step-by-step demonstration…

TELUS Future Home - Nutrition Scanning Countertop

…Then calculate your finished masterpiece’s nutritional value to make sure it fits your gluten-free or paleo diet (or lack of one).

For those who prefer their spices fresh, the kitchen even includes an urban cultivator for growing herbs and greens in the kitchen.

TELUS Future Home - Plant Sensor

And for those who can never seem to keep their plants alive, plant sensor will send reminders directly to your smartphone.

TELUS Future Home - Ultra HD Optik TV

Going to the movie theatre could be a thing of the past with the next-generation home entertainment provided by the Ultra HD Optik TV, a curved 78” UHD TV from Samsung. Better yet, Telus’s fibre optic network allows you stream the latest episode of Downton Abbey while your kids watch the latest YouTube content on their tablets.

TELUS Future Home - Smart Lighting

Homeowners will have an easier time reducing energy costs by taking advantage of the Future Home’s connected thermostats and lighting, which will them to control lighting and heating directly from their smartphone or tablet.

TELUS Future Home - Interactive Home Office

The Future Home also includes a home office with an interactive touch table – perfect for sick days when you can’t miss an appointment. Just schedule a high-definition video conference instead.

As for when Canadians can expect the fibre-optic broadband network that will be needed to power all of this, Telus announced a $1 billion investment to help connect residents in the Vancouver area to a fibre optic network over the next five years in February, while Bell announced a similar $1.1 billion plan for the Greater Toronto Area in June.

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