Computing Canada

In the February 6 issue, Computing Canada will feature a buyer’s guide to monochrome laser printers. Our reviewer has put the top models through their paces to determine which printers are best suited to today’s corporate environments.

In the March 12 issue,

Computing Canada’s feature report will look at benefits and challenges companies experience when they opt to consolidate their servers.

Contact: Patricia MacInnis

Computer Dealer News

The Feb. 13 issues of CDN will look at security threats and how resellers can help customers combat them. For the March 5 issue, we will be providing coverage of the System Builder Breakaway. While exploring the government and education markets. We are also working on a buyer’s guide to laser printers.

Contact: Paolo Del Nibletto

Technology In Government

In this issue, TIG looks at the IT put in place to secure Canada’s airports and borders. We also talk to a high-tech detective who tracks down kiddie pornographers and other criminals operating over the Internet.

Contact: Kathleen Sibley

Communications & Networking

Ethernet, a 30-year-old networking standard, was originally conceived for local area networks. However, a feature article in the January issue of Communications & Networking explains how this technology is bein used in wide-area networks across cities and regions. In the same issue, columnist Rock Jethwa predicts Wi-Fi, voice over IP and peer-to-peer networking will be used to create ad-hoc telecom networks. At the end of January, Communications & Networking editor Greg Meckbach will be covering ComNet Expo, an annual trade show held in Washington, D.C.

Contact: Greg Meckbach


In March, EDGE magazine looks at the practice of outsourcing, and at how organizations in Canada are finding ways to better leverage their investment in IT. Of note are the size and duration of these deals, a typical outsourcing contract can run from five to ten years, and can be worth in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Why does outsourcing appear to be more popular than ever? Which larg Canadian enterprise are contracting with which outsourcing firms, and who are the major players? And what are some of the advantages and disadvantages to outsourcing at home and abroad?

Contact: Martin Slofstra


Sales contact for all the above: Brad McBride

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