Communications & Networking

Read about the major security issues concerning wireless networking, and get an overview of the new “”all-in-one”” handheld devices that combine cell phones with personal digital assistants in C&N’s February issue. Stay tuned for the March issue, which

includes a feature article on network testing and troubleshooting, and a case study on a diamond mine operator that uses a satellite-based IP network for voice and data communications. The March issue will also include coverage from ComNet Conference and Expo.

Contact: Greg Meckbach

Computing Canada

In the March 12 issue, Computing Canada’s feature report will look at benefits and challenges companies experience when they opt to consolidate their servers.

Contact: Patricia MacInnis

Technology In Government

TIG’s redesigned issue hits desks in March. The new, improved version of this publication will feature a number of new sections. These include Deconstruction Zone, a look at the good, the bad and the ugly of a project from start to finish. Seal the Deal examines the ins and outs of public sector procurement. Steal This Idea, meanwhile, will focuses on small-scale projects with potentially large payback that could be reused in other departments and agencies. If you have pitches applicable to these sections, please let us know.

The feature section as we know it has been eliminated, as has Snapshot, so please ignore the existing editorial calendar, which will be revised soon.

Contact: Kathleen Sibley


April’s EDGE will take a security focus, with articles examining the burgeoning role of the chief security officer in the enterprise and strategies for corporations to protect themselves and their assets from cybersmear campaigns.

Early April will also see the fourth IT Business Report. Networked Storage: A User Guide will take a hands-on approach to storage provisioning, anatomy of a real-world storage solution, Storage Network Industry Association-approved certification and more.

Contact: Dave Webb

Sales contact for all the above: Brad McBride

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