3D printing has been emerging into the popular conversation as devices become more affordable and more Web sites have been popping up to offer 3D blueprints to feed into those printers. But it made a big leap when Cody Wilson released the plans for the first working firearm that could be completely produced with a 3D printer. That really grabbed headlines. So why did he do it?

The founder of defense distributor talks to Moses Znaimer on stage at Zoomer Media’s ideacity conference in Toronto about why he created and disseminated the “Liberator.”

“It’s arresting,” Wilson tell Znaimer on the ideacity stage. “You hear it all the time, revolution, revolution, well what does that word mean if not the upsetting, subversive, fundamental shifting implications that something like the distributed  personal production of firearms might entail. It seems almost an obvious consequence to me, so it’s something we pursue.”

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