Check out the August issue of Communications & Networking magazine, which includes a feature on Wi-Fi, a case study on an RFID user and information on a whole whack of new products for Internet security, network testing, storage and more. The

August issue also includes a book review on What Great Telecom Managers Know, by Roger Yang, chief executive officer of Avema Corp. Watch for the September issue, which will include a feature article on networked storage. This includes insight from experts on the issue of interoperability of networked storage products and some war stories from the Canadian Space Agency’s Unix and storage manager. The September issue will also include a Viewpoint from Rock Jethwa on the threat posed by viruses, Trojans and other malware to mobile devices. C&N will publish features on utility computing in the October issue, remote access in the November issue and telecom regulation in the December issue.

Contact: Greg Meckbach

Computing Canada

In the October issue of Computing Canada, we’ll offer tips on what companies need to be aware of when they think about offshore outsourcing. We’ll be talking to companies that have taken this step to find out what the advantages are as well as the potential drawbacks.

Contact: Patricia MacInnis

Technology in Government

September’s Technology in Government Deconstruction Zone looks at the challenges of long-term IT planning in the public sector with the rapid rise of new technologies that need to be incorporated into an organization’s strategy.

Contact: Kathleen Sibley


In the September issue of EDGE, John Lee looks at how to extract the strategically valuable information trapped in your ERP system, while Matthew Friedman examines the continuing role of EDI in the supply chain despite the growth of Internet-based channels.

Contact: Martin Slofstra

Sales contact: Brad McBride

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