Hospital Logistics, which distributes medical supplies to Toronto area hospitals, has installed radio-frequency identification readers in its warehouse so managers can ensure the right packages go to the right facilities. Find out more in the August issue of Communications & Networking magazine,

which also includes a feature article on Wi-Fi and an opinion column on next-generation networks by industry veteran Ron Scott.

Stay tuned for the September issue, which includes a case study of a process gas maker that uses a multi-protocol label switching network to connect itsoffices, and a feature article on networked storage.

In the fall, C&N will publish features on utility computing in the October issue, remote access in the November issue and telecom regulation in the December issue.


Technology in Government

Public sector IT managers and CIOs are often looking way into the future when it comes to major IT project planning. But what happens when disruptive technologies spring seemingly out of nowhere? How do you plan and budget so far ahead while maintaining the flexibility required to incorporate these new technologies? September’s Techology in Government looks at this issue. There’s lots of international news in this issue as well. Freelancer Fawzia Sheikh reports from Rwanda on that country’s plans to be an ICT hub for the region and wire all classrooms by 2020, while regular columnist Vawn Himmelsbach reports on the use of RFID in Singapore libraries.


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