Communications & Networking

Ethernet is becoming more popular as a wide-area networking technologies, as the technology is becoming better-equipped to handle local-area services over carrier networks. Find out why in the February issue of Communications & Networking, Canada’s magazine for voice and data networking.

The February issue is packed with news and information for IT networking and telecommunications professionals, with a feature on wide-area networks and news about Meru Networks’ soon-to-be-released software module designed to block transmissions from unauthorized Wi-Fi access points. Stay tuned for the March issue, which includes a feature on voice over IP and a Focus on IP address management.

Contact: Greg Meckbach

Sales contact: Brad McBride

Technology in Government

The March Snapshot looks at voice over IP in several public sector settings. While vendors push the efficiency and increased functionality IP offers, users seem to be still motivated by reduced costs. TIG will also be running a round table examining case management in the health care sector.

Contact: Kathleen Sibley

Sales contact: Brad McBride

Computing Canada

Converging voice and data networks is a strategy many enterprises are examining. But as they look to gain efficiencies in this area, we point out the pitfalls and talk to companies who have been down the convergence road, including those who say hybrid IP and circuit-switched systems are the way to go.

Contact: Patricia MacInnis


In its March/April issue, EDGE magazine takes a special look at how to fix a troubled outsourcing deal, mostly notably from the perspective of auditing the deal after the fact, and making sure that industry norms and service performance obligations all add up, both financially and operationally. We will be asking CIOs for some practical advice on how to make the most out of these arrangements.

Contact: Martin Slofstra

Sales contact: Brad McBride

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