Today’s marketers have become snipers rather than shotgun practitioners from a by-gone era.

As the technology people use in their daily lives has changed, marketers have the ability to collect consumer information – often without their knowledge – to pinpoint the needs of customers and deliver content, products, and services at exactly the time they need it. Every shot counts.

That evolution means today’s marketer must be more technically savvy with an understanding of programming, code, technology utilization, and analytics. With competition and demands constantly changing, they must also be agile and focused on the business proposition.

But with new technological advances seemingly every day, how do you stay focused on the customer experience and delivering value?

That’s where CMO Talks comes in. The bi-weekly podcast hosted by ITWC CMO Fawn Annan, and backstopped by the global market intelligence firm IDC, explores the latest MarTech trends through the eyes of the marketing leaders deploying them.

“We talk to the marketing leaders who the tidal wave of change on a daily basis,” says Annan. “We talk to the leading marketing researchers at IDC who examine the trends around AI, analytics, virtual reality and emerging technologies with the goal of providing CMOs a heads-up on what’s coming their way – like it or not.”

Some key topics will include:

  • Aligning marketing metrics with business priorities
  • The impact of COVID-19 on marketing priorities
  • Experiences with marketing automation, content management & customer relationship solutions
  • Creating loyal customers by enhancing the customer experience 


CMO Talks debuts April 1. It is available on CMO Digital and anywhere you find your favourite podcast. Sign up for the CMO Talks newsletter and to get notices of upcoming podcasts, marketing articles, blogs and a preview of IDC research on marketing tends.

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