Citrix Systems Inc. a video conferencing and virtualization services provider, is launching some new updates to the free version of its GoToMeeting platform, a favourite tool among consumers and small businesses.

Starting Aug. 21, the new version of GoToMeeting Free will be the first free videoconferencing tool to offer screen sharing and personalized URLs, according to Citrix. Users will be able to pick out their own URLs here.

GoToMeeting Free is also now available in 25 languages, and mobile users with Android devices will be able to access the tool – meaning it’s available to both desktop and mobile users on iOS and Android.

For casual users, like students and small businesses, Citrix GoToMeeting Free is already handy as the product doesn’t require any software, plug-ins, or app downloads, meaning it’s available straight from a Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser.

The tool already allows users to hold video conferencing meetings for up to three people, and there’s no sign-up or registration required. There are also no caps on how long or how frequently users can log onto the free version of GoToMeeting.

However, for businesses who are looking for a more fully-featured product, the paid version of GoToMeeting allows users to have meetings with up to 25 attendees. The video conferencing itself also features high-definition video.

Users can do more than screen sharing, being able to share desktops and applications, as well as keyboard and mouse control. They can also record their meetings for future reference, switch between presenters, and access drawing tools. If attendees prefer, they can dial into the meeting using the phone, instead of using the microphone attached to their PC or desktop.

Pricing for the paid version of GoToMeeting is set at $29 per meeting organizer each month, or $276 per year. The paid version also comes with unlimited usage, 24/7 support, unlimited version updates, and built-in phone and voice over Internet Protocol audio support.

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