In the September issue of EDGE, we look at the complexities around getting information out of an enterprise-resource planning (ERP) system.

Should you go with a closed-loop solution (software tools are bundled into an ERP system) or look for an independent third-party


Does your ERP system satisfy the information needs of executives in your financial, human resources and manufacturing/supply chain departments?

Is such software just too complex to serve basic information needs, and are their other alternatives to guiding the decision-making process.

Read EDGE in September and find out. 

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Communications & Networking 

Watch for the July issue of Communications & Networking magazine, which includes coverage from two recent events in Toronto: the Telecom Summit and Infosecurity Canada.

C&N is also publishing a feature on cabling, which includes information on the latest developments underway to support 10 Gigabits per second over unshielded twisted pair copper. The July issue also includes a focus on spyware and articles on some recently-announced wireless products.

Stay tuned for the August issue, which includes a feature on Wi-Fi and a case study of a medical supply distributor’s trial of radio frequency identification (RFID) tags. The September issue will include a feature article on networked storage. 

Contact: Greg Meckbach gmeckbach@itbusiness.ca 

Computing Canada

Are you an IT professional? How do you know? In Computing Canada’s August 12 and September 23 issues, we will publish a two-part article on IT Professionalism: The debate over certification. We would like to speak to information technology professionals who have strong opinions on the subject, in particular those who are ISP-certified and those who have opted not to go the CIPS route.

Computing Canada is now accepting nominations for the 3rd Annual IT Leadership Awards. If you know someone who deserves to be crowned IT Executive of the Year,IT Manager of the Year, IT Champion of the Year, IT Mentor of the Year, IT Project Team of the Year, or someone who deserves the industry’s first Lifetime Achievement Award, log onto http://www.itbusiness.ca/ccleadership and nominate your choice today.

Nominations close July 21.

Contact: Patricia MacInnis pmacinnis@itbusiness.ca

Sales contact for all the above: Brad McBride bmcbride@itbusiness.ca

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