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In the September 24 issue of Computing Canada, we will profile IT professionals who have worked in the same organization for a significant period of time (15 years or more) to uncover what motivates their professional commitment.

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would make a good addition to this article, please contact us at the address below.

Contact: Poonam Khanna


IT Business SMB Review

There has been increasing demand from our advertiser community for a product addressing the technology needs of small and medium businesses. We’ve accelerated our plans for an online product. IT Business SMB Extra launches Sept. 1, and will run biweekly until the holiday hiatus begins Dec. 9. SMB Extra will feature technology articles for the SMB with a strong service focus, expert opinion on small and medium business issues, tech check lists and products announcements relevant to the audience. For more information about reaching this lucrative target audience, contact Marc Meloche at (416) 227-8314.

A coincidental companion piece, our next IT Business Report will also focus on the small and medium business market. Technology for Growth: A Guide for SMBs reaches readers in late September, with an advertising close date of Sept. 1. To advertise in the IT Business Report series of print supplements, contact Brad McBride ate 416-227-8313 or at the e-mail address at the end of this page.


Communications & Networking

Watch for the September issue, which includes a feature article on cabling, an in-depth look at radio-frequency identification and a case study on a laser eye surgery chain’s network security strategy.

In the October issue, the feature takes a look at the latest federal telecommunications regulations, while the Focus section includes articles on utility computing and satellite communications.

Contact: Greg Meckbach



Outsourcing will be the topic of discussion at the next meeting of the Executive Breakfast Series, hosted by EDGE magazine. It will be held Wednesday, October 6, 2004 at the Park Hyatt Hotel in Toronto.

It’s no longer just about outsourcing your basic IT functions. You now need to build a smart company, transforming your organization into a networked, real-time, 7X24 business with global reach. And that usually means outsourcing non-core activities so you can focus on strategic capabilities.

As a result, senior executives are now on the look out for partners who can help them execute market strategies and also transform their business.

This session will also focus on these key areas:

  • what should you be looking for in an outsourcing partner
  • should you outsource everything or look at it function by function;
  • what are some of the ways you can hold your outsourcing firm accountable;
  • where are the opportunities for sharing items such as back office functions to benefit from economies of scale.

Experts from Compass Management Consultants will be on hand to share expertise based on their global database of client outsourcing information.

The first session in the series, called the Changing Role of the CIO, was held Wednesday, June 16 at the King Edward Hotel in Toronto.

Contact: Martin Slofstra


Sales contact for all the above: Brad McBride

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