In the Dec. 16 issue of Computing Canada, we will profile the winners of this year’s IT Leadership Awards, including IT Executive of the Year, IT Manger of the Year, IT Champion of the Year, and IT Mentor of the Year as well as an award for Lifetime Achievement. as well, starting in January, Computing Canada is launching a news feature entitled Executive Perspectives, a one-on-one conversation with CEOs from Canadian technology companies. Anyone looking to recommend a candidate for this feature should contact Patricia MacInnis, editor.

Contact: Patricia MacInnis

Communications & Networking

Fingerprint readers and iris scanners have been around for years, but most companies are relying on the standard corporate password to control network access. But it’s possible to guess some else’s password and impossible to steal their fingerprint. So what’s holding companies back from adopting biometrics? Find out in the December issue of Communications & Networking, which includes a Focus on biometrics. The December C&N also includes a feature on regulatory issues and a case study of Wardrup Engineering, which uses wide area file services to share large computer-aided design (CAD) files among offices around the world. Check out the November issue of C&N, which includes a feature on remote access, and a case study on Tucker Wireline, an oil well logging company that uses Telus Mobility’s 1X network to transmit invoices from the drilling sites to its head office. Communications & Networking is also scheduled to publish features on video services in the January issue and wide-area networks in February.

Contact: Greg Meckbach

Sales contact: Brad McBride

Technology in Government

The January issue of TIG will focus on 311 in Canada – where it’s at, who’s doing it and what the benefits are. The Snapshot looks at outsourcing in the public sector. TIG is reducing issue frequency beginning with a collapsed November/December 2005 issue. There will only be six issues published over the next year. Please consult our online editorial calendar for issue dates and Snapshot topics. Snapshot pitches should be made three months in advance of the issue date.

Contact: Kathleen Sibley

Sales contact: Brad McBride


CDN’s Dec. 9 issue winds up 2005 with our annual look at the Top 25 Newsmakers of the year. It’s an entertaining and sometimes provocative list of the men and women who this year have made the most impact in the channel. In January our first issue of the new year includes a feature on managed service providers.

Contact: Paolo DelNibletto


In our December issue, EDGE magazine takes a good hard look at all the executive gadgets. And while individual users may be seduced by the gee-whiz appeal and hype around handheld “Swiss Army” computers, CIOs are taking a more critical view. Find out why in our next issue. Also, we look at how IT departments are expanding their focus, literally, as they are being asked to look at, support and even help purchase traditional office equipment all the way from small, compact digital projectors to the high-end expensive publishing systems and printers.

Contact: Martin Slofstra

Sales contact: Brad McBride

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