Canadians willing to trade booze, chocolate for Internet

The Internet has become so important to the daily lives of Canadians that many would give up the pleasures of alcohol and chocolate rather than suffer being disconnected, a new survey from Rogers Communications Inc. shows.

The Rogers Innovation Report asked Canadians just how important the Internet is to them, and the responses are what you might expect from this wired world of ours. Almost everyone (98 per cent) uses the Internet daily to connect with family and friends or follow the news (97 per cent). Almost eight in 10 agree the Internet makes their lives better.

The survey shows that Canadians expect even more from the Internet in the future, with smart appliances helping them to live their lives – such as a fridge that can update your smartphone with what groceries you need to buy while you’re wandering through the supermarket. Canadians even imagine a future where information can be directly downloaded to their brain and they no longer have to drive their own car because road traffic will be automated by a cloud-based system.

But not everything is on the table for sacrifice to appease the modern Internet gods. Only six per cent said they were willing to give up regular sex, and just four per cent would skip a daily shower to stay online.

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