Many of us already sleep with our smartphones right next to our pillows anyway, so why not have that pillow providing a charge at the same time?

That’s the promise of a new Canadian product raising money on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. Power Pillow lets you recharge your smartphone while you recharge your own batteries while taking a nap. It’s a pillow suitable for your couch or sofa two 12,000 mAH battery packs sewn in that lets you charge USB powered devices like smartphones and tablets.

The Dartmouth, N.S.-based co-founders of Power Pillow say the product provides power that’s within reach, but neatly out of sight. You might consider it the ultimate lazy man’s tool – offering a way to recharge your tablet or smartphone without the need to roll out of bed or get up off the couch. The pillow is offered in seven designs and the battery packs can be removed and carried around for a portable power source on the go. An accessory pocket stores any USB cables you’d use to charge your devices.

The pillows use a special fabric for the battery compartment called EX-Static. It’s made of polyester and carbon nanotube threads, it is heat resistant, dissipates static, and shields EMF waves. The Power Pillow Elite product will be made in Canada and stuffed with Canadian Duck down and feathers for cushioning. The design will not prevent users from snoring.

The project currently has raised $10,597 out of a $30,000 goal by Feb. 6. Estimated shipping date is March 2014. There’s a number of different pledge rewards being offered on the Kickstarter campaign, including one battery and the pillow housing for $79 or more and an option to get Power Pillow Elite custom made with your own fabric for $160.

One thing is for sure, this pillow gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “power nap.”



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  • EastGhostCom

    This is ridiculous and dangerous – the UN admitted years ago that microwave radiation from cellphones, laptops and cordless devices causes cancer. See DR DEVRA DAVIS research, and videos on youtube by DR MAGDA HAVAS. Microwave radiation is dangerous. It’s moronic to keep it anywhere near your head.

    • powerpillow

      Hello, I am replying as the co-inventor of Power Pillow. To clarify, no aspect of our product produces microwave signals. Our product charges any USB chargeable device. Lithium polymer batteries do not and never did produce signals or microwaves. The primary goal of our product is so that users don’t have to stop using their device when it needs charging.

      • EastGhostCom

        Then do a More Right Thing and share the verifiable scientific research I posted also on your site and clarify the purpose of your product in regards to also giving public safety warning of dangerous microwaves.

  • Tim

    Cancer from cell phones and laptops! Oh No! So in about 5 years time the entire western world will die of brain cancer. Good to know, really makes my job as a programmer seem like more of a death sentence than working in a 17th century coal mine. At least we can be comfortable by relaxing our head against a soft pillow while watching charging our phones.