Canadians hit by bogus Microsoft Help calls

Microsoft Canada yesterday warned that massive numbers of Canadians are being targeted by scammers purporting to offer “Microsoft help” for non-existent computer problems.

The software company said no less than one in three individuals who were contacted by the scammers experienced computer problems after the call. The callers claim to work for Microsoft offering help and requesting credit card information and access to the individual’s computers.

“These calls are not solicited by Microsoft,” the company said in a press release yesterday. Microsoft said they have been tracking these calls since last June. “These scams have been growing at an alarming rate and Canadian consumers continue to be the target.”

In response, Microsoft Canada in conjunction with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), have been working hard to raise awareness with consumers to provide tips and tricks to help Canadians identify and protect themselves from these scams.

Microsoft advices that if you suspect you are being targeted you should take the caller’s information down and report the incident to the RCMP Anti-Fraud Centre. The centre’s number is 1-888-495-8501. Find more advice from Microsoft here.

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