Canadian National Exhibition crowd reviews iPhone 4

Apple’s iPhone 4 launched in Canada July 30 and since then it’s been thoroughly poked and prodded by nearly everyone that has an interest in it.

From a Consumer Reports review that declared a reception problem when the exposed antennae was covered, to line-ups forming at Apple stores across the country 24 hours before the phone went on sale, this is one smartphone that everyone seems to have an opinion about. But what about those who don’t live and breathe technology news on a daily basis? The metaphorical “average Joe” that doesn’t sit around mulling over the benefits of a capacitive touch screen compared to a transmissive one? What do they think of the iPhone? decided to find out. We took Apple’s latest smartphone to the Canadian National Exhibition and let fair-attending fun-seekers get their paws on it. Watch the video to see what they think.

Video edited by Tyson Dover.

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