Canadian Blood Services experiments with digital signage

Canadian Blood Services is partnering with ScreenScape to develop a place-based media network that will power digital displays at their permanent collection sites and bring its messaging to their donors and staff across Canada.

Using a ScreenScape Group, Canadian Blood Services will be able to distribute educational and promotional messaging to its office locations and permanent donor clinics in cities across the country.

ScreenScape bills itself as an online service for engaging audiences inside real world places. Its part of a growing technology trend called place-based media that helps marketing-savvy organizations to optimize the use of digital media to reach audiences in specific places.

All ScreenScape customers share a common technology infrastructure. As an open platform ScreenScape offers Canadian Blood Services the opportunity to connect with its other members, known collectively as the ScreenScape Community.

“We are also excited by the potential which the ScreenScape Community offers us to communicate with Canadians in public places, like medical centres, shopping malls, local skating rinks, and so on,” said Harding. “We see all kinds of potential to use this technology in conjunction with our community partners to encourage more Canadians to rally together to save lives.”

“We see many great examples of ScreenScape being used to educate and inform patients, and to complement the delivery of healthcare services, said Kevin Dwyer, president and CEO of ScreenScape. “This one is special given the life-saving nature of the work and the great public service that Canadian Blood Services provides.”

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