Calamares offers sizzling CMS for your videos

As more businesses incorporate video content to their Websites, social networking sites and mobile apps, the need to control and manage moving images becomes vital.

Calamares, a Dutch company with offices in Toronto offers software and services that enable users to centrally compose, enrich, publish and distribute video and other rich media assets. Calamares Media Management supports media distribution on the Internet, IPTV, mobile devices and social media sites.

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Video created by Danny Boudreau.

Toronto-based Johan Reinders, head of Calamares North America, says the Calamares Media Management works like a content management systems (CMS) for video.

The system works well with third party systems such as Web content management, digital asset management, customer relationship management and in-store media management systems so that users can control publication, distribution and rights management from a central console.

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