Profit in business may be important, but Frank Luk sleeps much better at night knowing he has earned trust and integrity from the vendor and reseller community.

“Everyone in the industry can trust me. When I say something, I mean it. This is important both inside and outside the company,” said Luk, president of Supercom.

Luk founded the distribution company in 1990 with two partners, both of whom are no longer involved in the business.

Supercom now has a reseller base of about 7,000 and carries 100 vendor brands.

Evolving the business with the channel enabled Supercom to remain successful.

“Resellers don’t rely on distributors as much for information. Now they get all the details directly from the manufacturers’ Web site,” he said.

So the win, Luk added, has to come from services like availability, accuracy and speed of delivery, Web and technical service support.

Lines of credit and availability of stock along with loyalty programs also continue to be a high value offering for resellers, he said.

Looking ahead, Luk is constantly on the lookout for emerging technologies.

“We have to take a gamble on products and know the roadmaps and trends.

“The beauty of this industry is ever changing and you can’t sell the same thing every day,” he said.

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