Microsoft is bringing Skype for Business to BMW vehicles through the expansion of the partnership the two companies formed in 2016.

Through the BMW 5 Series, which was released this past December, BMW is expanding on the platform it built alongside Microsoft called Open Mobility with added support for Skype for Business and Exchange. This platform powers BMW Connected, which is the car manufacturer’s personalized mobility companion powered by the Azure cloud.

This will make Skype meetings available in your personal vehicle, and it will be integrated and operated through BMW’s iDrive system. It will first release in Germany, France, and the U.K., with other markets like Canada coming shortly after.

Adding Skype for Business expands on the other Office 365 offerings that drivers can find in the BMW 5 Series. Now your car can alert you of upcoming meetings, provide updates if a meeting time changes, and start up your next scheduled meeting without having to dial anything.

Exchange customers can also integrate calendars, to-do tasks, and contacts with BMW 5 Series voice and navigation systems.

That’s right, these features will be entirely controlled by voice capabilities so drivers can keep their eyes on the road. And by adding meeting capabilities to BMW vehicles, drivers who may be speeding in order to make a meeting will no longer have to worry.

Expect future collaboration with BMW and Microsoft, who have been working closely. On top of the Azure-powered Open Mobility platform and Office 365 support, at CES 2017 the two companies teased bringing Cortana to BMW vehicles as well.


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