It’s too early to know for sure – and let’s face it, CES is too well-known for showcasing new products to disappoint completely – but at the moment it sure looks like attendees at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show could see it end on Jan. 9 with only one or two tech giants announcing anything.

Not that a major tech company skipping CES is anything new – after all, many are large enough to organize events of their own, or launch groundbreaking projects whenever they please.

Presently only LG Electronics and Samsung are organizing honest-to-goodness press conferences to show off their newest hardware, with LG’s showpiece, a newspaper-like foldable display (pictured above), already being hailed as the show’s potential home run.

Google, Facebook, and Microsoft are represented at other events, while Apple once again appears to be ignoring the show entirely.

(Samsung, which will hold its official press conference tomorrow, reportedly plans to unveil a “smartbelt,” a VR motion controller, and a device that essentially turns your finger into a phone receiver.)

The lack of new projects from the rest of big tech is especially perplexing when you consider that at least three of them – IBM president and CEO Ginni Rometty, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich, and YouTube’s chief business officer, Robert Kyncl, are delivering keynote addresses.

Perhaps these leaders are saving the big news for their speeches?

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